Most successful business managers know that it makes sense to lease assets, fully write-off the payments as rent, and thereby utilize operating capital more profitably.

3FM Leasing offers a variety of leasing programs structured to help you meet those financial goals.

We Can Help

We can assist you in acquiring new equipment as well as giving you cash for assets that you already own.

Since 1995, 3FM Leasing has been helping business owners to free up capital and expand their operations.

Unlike banks or other funding sources, we do not tie up everything you own every time you make an acquisition.

Contact us to discuss the leasing options that are best for your business.

Private Vehicle
Eligible Write-Off
::: Canada Revenue

A link to Revenue Canada's web site explaining the write off for a private motor vehicle lease.

Operating versus
Capital Lease
::: CanadaOne

Interview with David Powell, president of the Canadian Finance & Leasing Association. Published on the CanadaOne website.

Should You
Lease or Buy?
::: Entrepreneur

Concise article in Entrepreneur Magazine discussing various aspects of equipment leasing.

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