3FM Leasing Inc. was incorporated in the Province Of Manitoba in April of 1995.

Bruce Potter had owned and operated DataTemp Computer Rentals, Sales, and Service in Winnipeg since 1990. The company was highly successful and had become a leading supplier to large national firms headquartered in Winnipeg. Corporate computer clients were pressing for long term leasing, and this surge in demand required a separate entity to deal exclusively with the volume of business that was emerging.

At the same time,George Bricker, former executive of his family-owned finance business Inland Trust Company, was affiliated with DataTemp in the computer industry, and brought a combination of financial and technological skills to the new venture that became 3FM Leasing Inc..

The new leasing company initially specialized in computer equipment, and was an instant success. The large body of DataTemp’s existing corporate clients formed the hub of the initial leasing clients.

3FM developed the principle of leasing“Equipment We Know… To People We Trust”, to guide its direction. This meant that a thorough knowledge of the computer products being purchased was as important in deciding the acceptance of a particular lease as was the credit evaluation of the particular client. That rule still stands today, although we have expanded our own knowledge base and have sought outside help in evaluating a much wider range of products to lease to our clients.

In 2003, Dr. Errol Wright, a long-established and respected Winnipeg dentist, became the third shareholder in 3FM, and he has spearheaded 3FM’s entrance into the field of dental and medical equipment leasing. Over the years his knowledge has helped us to evaluate a wide variety of specialized equipment.

Our leasing inventory now contains everything from dental equipment to a commercial winepress. We also own and lease a large number of pieces of heavy construction equipment as well as thousands of stand-alone and networked computer systems. We even have a few microwave towers on our books.

Our client base is comprised of individuals, small and large corporations, government organizations, and several non-profit groups. We now have property registered for leases in all major provinces including Quebec.

In 2005 Bruce Potter moved back to his home province of Ontario and established our branch office there. We now serve Eastern Canada through that location, and continue to provide services to Western Canada from our head office in Winnipeg. Our presence in Ontario has afforded us a number of new opportunities in such fields as international logistics, and we have acquired significant holdings in commercial vehicles.

The basis of all our business lies in our offering pure and simple Operating Leases. This means that the entire payment is simple rent and as such can be fully written off for tax purposes. This offers our clients maximum financial benefits.

3FM is a funding company, and provides its own capital through shareholder investments and loans from commercial banks. Only when a particular lease exceeds our own limits will we seek additional outside funding, and then we work on behalf of our client to broker the best possible lease.

We are large enough to handle most leasing needs, yet small enough to offer prompt and personalized service. We know that the acquisition of a particular piece of equipment could mean a great deal to the success of our client’s business, and we continue to make our decisions based on our original guideline of leasing:

Equipment We Know…To People We Trust